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Julie Abbott established Blue Sky Solutions in 2008 – having worked in the aviation, travel and events industries for over 20 years, firstly as a Travel Consultant, then with a large international airline and then more recently as General Manager for a charter operator, she recognised a need to “raise the bar” on Aircraft Charter and to focus on the client and their experience.

“You are assured of my full attention at all times. Nothing is too much trouble and whilst most things are organised without you needing to think about it, if you do have a special request, it would be my pleasure to exceed your expectations”

Whether you need a piston, turbo-prop, jet, helicopter or a commercial airliner – let me find you the right charter flight solution. I am available 24 hours a day to assist.

Blue Sky Solutions don’t own or operate any aircraft, so we will be your unbiased advocate. We’ll seek out and offer you the best available aircraft from the plethora of options available. You can rest assured that “We are on your side” and will find you the most suitable, cost effective aircraft for each journey. Our primary focus is on 5 star service, quality and safety!

I am available 24 hours a day to help you whenever you need it. Having worked in the aviation and travel industry for nearly 20 years, firstly as a Travel Consultant, then in marketing with a large International Airline and more recently as General Manager for a charter operator. my experience and knowledge of the industry is extensive and my connections and contacts reach far and world-wide.

If you need to travel urgently, I can think both inside and outside the “square” to have you airborne A.S.A.P. Call now on 1300 211 885 or contact us via email.

Julie Abbott
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Blue Sky Solutions is an air charter broker offering aircraft choices on behalf of reputable owner/operators to best suit your requirements.

We will strive to find you the most efficient and cost effective aircraft options available. We will search the globe to find the aircraft that best suits your mission, no matter where you wish to travel… Be it piston, turbo-prop, jet, helicopter or commercial airliner – let us find your travel solution.

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